WORCESTER – To immediately address the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the city’s populations of color and undocumented individuals and families, CENTRO has begun distributing (3,500) Covid-19 Response Kits, containing (60,000) units of PPE supplies in collaboration with Fallon Health volunteers, the Worcester County Food Bank, and participating houses of worship.

State and federal health experts are universal in their determination to get the message out that using face masks works as a key defense in the spread of the coronavirus, especially in our most vulnerable communities.

“At Fallon Health, we believe everyone deserves access to health care without discrimination. We celebrate diversity and inclusion and are committed to providing inclusive services for all. We are pleased to collaborate with CENTRO on this important initiative to help ensure our most vulnerable community members have access to items that will help keep them safe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Richard Burke, President and CEO of Fallon Health.

Distribution of the kits city-wide will be facilitated both through the efforts of the Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) network of Worcester food pantries, and participating houses of worship deemed to be safe-havens for the community of undocumented Worcester residents.

CENTRO Consultant on Strategic Initiatives, Scott Dennett stated “We would like to acknowledge two (2) organizations that were key to the success of this initiative.  When WCFB’s Executive Director Jean McMurray immediatly affirmed her institution’s desire to utilize their network of city food pantries to help with the distribution of the  CENTRO-provided kits, the many pieces to this initiative starting coming together.  Deserving of acknowledgement in this initiative is Gary Hornung of Restaurant Superstore, who extended the reach and impact of this collarboration by scouring the PPE distributions channels diligently.”

Worcester District State-Senator Michael Moore stated “Worcester has an important history of collaboration by area non-profits that make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable Worcester residents…..Bravo to this effort.”